GCSE Physics Required Practicals

GCSE Physics Required Practicals without a lab

The link below is to a powerpoint file for the workshop delivered in January 2021. This introductory session provided demonstrations of simulations that can be used to facilitate teaching of required practicals,

GCSE Physics Required Practicals Without a Lab- Presentation

Our trainer, Christina Astin has also collated link a list of useful simulations. This spreadsheet maps all the GCSE required physics practicals for AQA, Edexcel and OCR to online simulations and virtual labs to help during lockdown learning.

All are free (or at least offered on a free trial). Most run straight from the internet but some require a download. These are simply our recommendations – there are plenty more examples on the internet.

Please fee free to share with science teaching colleagues!

GCSE required physics practicals – sims UPDATE FEB2021