North West

Physics Partners hubs bring together those teaching physics, usually non-specialists, to support them with improving subject knowledge and pedagogy. The sessions also provide teachers and technicians with a valuable peer support support network. Sessions are held either multiple times through the academic year often after school, but sometimes as one day events.

We have a growing number of hubs in the North West, and also hold regular events for technicians. If you can’t find something local to you below, please email as there may be something coming up that isn’t live yet, or we may be able to set-up a new hub in your area.

>>Click here to see the Liverpool Hub sessions

Relaunching soon… Manchester Hub, hosted by the Co-Operative Multi-Academy Trust. Please email to register your interest in this hub.

We also run regular 1 hour online sessions to support teaching GCSE physics. These sessions are fully funded and run in the early evening during term time. You can find these sessions here.