Liverpool Hub

The Liverpool Hub has been running for many years, through the Archdiocese of Liverpool Secondary School Improvement Trust. All sessions run from 2pm-4pm and they alternate between in-person and Zoom. The sessions in-person are held at St Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic High School.

Here is the 2023-24 programme:

Particles, atomic structure, radiation and waves5th October 2023In-person
Electricity8th November 2023Zoom
Energy5th December 2023In-person
Forces5th February 2024Zoom
Magnetism and Electro Magnetism20th March 2024In-person
Space9th May 2024Zoom

If you attend a school that is part of the Archdiocese of Liverpool Secondary School Trust please complete this form to sign-up to this programme. If you are from a school outside the trust but would like to attend one or more sessions, please email