Physics Partners is a dynamic educational charity providing hands-on training and support for non-specialist and newly qualified physics teachers in state secondary schools.


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What Physics Partners Can Offer

In-School Training

Free in-school specialised Physics INSET/CPD, 4 – 6 times a year


Regular email and telephone mentoring provided

Specialist Instruction

Specialist career physics teachers used as trainers and instructors, with enhanced DBS

Pupil practicals

Enable more regular use of practicals to raise pupil interest, with PowerPoint presentations to accompany each experiment/teaching point

Resource library

Library of illustrated resources differentiated for pupils, teachers, and technicians

Meet exam board requirements

All resources are being referenced to the requirements of AQA, EDEXCEL, OCR and WJEC

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“Resources provided and shared have been instrumental in allowing teaching staff to improve the quality of teaching and learning in physics lessons at all key stages. Inexperienced staff have been given the confidence to teach physics in an engaging and challenging way."

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Andrew Griffin
Federation Consultant for Science, Harris Federation

"We started a new hub in Bedford. Physics Partners were instrumental in forming the group and starting us off with training at the Institute of Physics. Our first meeting looked at the challenges of encouraging girls into studying Physics at A-level and beyond. We will also focus on methods of teaching Physics at KS3 to share good practice and build the confidence and skills in all out Physics teachers, specialist and non-specialist, to deliver stimulating lessons. We are so grateful to Physics Partners for initiating this project and are very much looking forward to what the future brings."

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Emma Smart
Head of Science, Bedford Girl's School

"I have always dreaded physics practicals, but now I have a lot more confidence in setting up equipment. Other physics insets I have attended were just watch and do, but Physics Partners have the time to explain everything that I did not fully understand"

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Annie Jand
Senior Science Technician, Buxton School

"Physics remains vitally important to our industries, our infrastructure and our economic wellbeing. For all these reasons, and to allow children to explore their scientific curiosity, all pupils deserve the opportunity to experience expert, innovative physics teaching. Physics Partners helps to achieve this important aim by sending its team of expert trainers into schools to support physics teachers and technicians. The work of Physics Partners fills a real gap in educational provision: I have watched with great interest the expansion of its activities and the increasing recognition of its value. As its Patron I wish it continuing and increasing success."

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Sir Richard Friend
Cavendish Professor of Physics, University of Cambridge

"As a result of Physics Partners involvement, physics teaching at Harris Accademy Chafford Hundred is much stronger, with more students choosing to take it at A-level. We have gained a variety of techniques which we can use in the classroom."

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Nick Power
Former Specialist Leader of Education - Science; Harris Academy Chaford Hundred
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