Harris federation feedback

The enthusiasm of the facilitators for all things physics was infectious.

Inexperienced staff at Harris have been given the confidence to teach physics in an engaging and challenging way.

New and innovative teaching strategies have been demonstrated to ensure a positive impact on T&L in the classroom at Harris academies.

S3 Physics have been used to give quality targeted CPD to different groups of staff including School Direct Trainees, NQTs, technicians and experienced staff.

Feedback from Harris academy staff has always been positive.

Resources provided and shared have been instrumental in allowing teaching staff to improve the quality of T&L in physics lessons at all key stages.

S3 Physics will definitely be invited to provide CPD at Harris academies in the future.

S3 Physics facilitators are able to demonstrate teaching and investigation strategies that will be useful for the demands of the new science curriculum specifications at KS4 and KS5.
If you need anymore get back to me ASAP.

Cheers from

Andrew (Griff)
Andrew Griffin
Federation Consultant for Science
Harris Federation