We support more than 90 schools, and our ambition is to support at least 200. The more schools we work with, the more children are inspired to achieve their scientific potential. We are always looking to establish new Physics Partners hubs, where groups of schools can share resources and benefit from specialist training and mentoring. If you think you can help, please get in touch.


There are three ways in which you can help:

Ideas for a new hub.
If you know of an area where there is enthusiasm for starting a new hub, please contact us

Become a physics partners trainer.
If you would like to give time and expertise to help schools in need, please contact us. We can talk you through the process for accreditation as one of our trainers. All of our trainers have enhanced DBS and are approved by our accreditation panel.

Help us with funding.
We are grateful for funding from trusts and individuals, and for help provided directly to East Kent primary schools through the Independent/State Schools Partnership. To expand our work we will need additional funding from other sources. If you can help, either with a donation or with funding for a specific expansion of activities, please contact us.