Accreditation Programme for Physics Educators

Update 28 June 22

Dear All

Thank you very much for completing the expression of interest form I circulated last month regarding the IOP Physics Teacher Education Programme. 

I now have further details (see below) which have been provided by Rachel Hartley and Mark Whalley at the IOP.

Please read the pilot summary document carefully and if you would still like to be involved in the pilot programme, please complete the pro forma below and return it to  as soon as possible. Could you also please let me know if you intend to apply.  

For those colleagues that have not led any external CPD physics sessions, I suggest you indicate what you have done within your school and Rachel can then advise as to whether you can be part of the pilot. If you have any further questions please do get in touch. 


From Rachel Hartley, IOP

Thanks for your interest in the IOP’s physics teacher educator (PTE) programme. For the pilot we are welcoming experienced teacher educators who support teachers of secondary (11-19) physics to help us develop the programme. You can read more and see the proposed timetable here: June 22 PTE pilot summary.pdf.

To assist with our planning please can you complete the table below and this short form: PTE Day 1 dates and locations

Preferred location(please any that don’t apply) Lon/Man/Edin/online 
Any access or dietary needs?  
Roughly how many secondary physics ITE or CPD sessions have you led in the last 2 years? 
Approx. number of sessions planned for the autumn term? 

Please share a piece of listening/reading/viewing that you’d like to recommend to the rest of the group. We will be sending out some pre-reading and short initial reflection tasks next month.Please get in touch with any queries you may have. 

Best wishes,

Rachel Hartley CPhys MInstP
Pedagogy and Professional Practice Strategic Lead
The Institute of Physics
37 Caledonian Road
London N1 9BU
m: 07814 934777

Original briefing

At our recent Trainers’ meeting it was highlighted that it would be good idea for Physics Partners to consider a system of CPD accreditation which could be used as a ‘kitemark’ for our trainers. This is certainly something PP would be keen to support, and I mentioned at the meeting that the IOP are looking to lead on a programme for those who are involved in physics training.

This week, I received an email from the IOP with further details of a free accreditation scheme the IOP are about to launch. The first tranche of candidates will need to apply during May/June and the programme will involve attendance at a face to face or online session during the autumn term. There will be an accreditation document to complete and it is expected that in February there will be a certificate issued after the process has been completed.

In terms of entry requirements, candidates should be experienced trainers/coaches, e.g. they should have delivered about 6 PD sessions. It is therefore not for colleagues in the early days of their trainer/coaching career. However, in the longer term there is no reason why these colleagues should not aspire to become accredited.

There will be a series of training events to support trainers in the first tranche and initially, the IOP intend to hold two events in England- one in the South and one in the Midlands/North (Birmingham/Manchester/Leeds etc).  There will also be a session in Scotland which will be held in Edinburgh on 10th September. This is not just for Scottish educators so may be of interest to some physics trainers based in the north of England. The programme will also have an online element for anyone unable to attend the face to face sessions. 

We have been asked by the IOP if this is something PP trainers would be interested in, and roughly how many of our trainers would like to apply. I would like to go back with a strong expression of interest as I believe this is something that will be excellent professional development for PP trainers as well as something that will raise PP’s profile. I will also be looking at ways in which we can support as part of of PP’s value proposition for trainers.

I would be grateful if you could complete the form below to express your interest (or not!) in this programme and through this let me know which of the locations might suit you if you were to attend one of the face-to-face events. I do have some more detailed information and once I have had chance to to discuss this with the IOP, I will set up a meeting to go through this with colleagues who are interested.

Many thanks in advance