CPD morning at Gaia

Gaia, a monumental new artwork by Luke Jerram is coming to the Landmark Arts Centre, Teddington. The incredible work is visiting from 16 June – 2 July and is a ‘must see’ part of the exciting new Arts & Ideas Festival which takes place across the Borough of Richmond upon Thames. Luke Jerram’s Gaia is an awe-inspiring sight. Measuring seven metres in diameter and suspended inside the Landmark Arts Centre, Gaia features high-resolution NASA imagery of the Earth’s surface and features surround sound composition by BAFTA award-winning composer, Dan Jones.

Physics Partners will be providing a morning of CPD sessions on Monday 19th June, 9am to 12.45pm, to accompany the Gaia exhibition. The sessions will be aimed at teachers of Key Stages 3 and 4 science. The morning is fully funded and entry is free. Please find information about the talks and booking details below.

Schedule of talks:

9am-10am: Robert Bastin (Dulwich College): ‘The Light Fantastic‘.

An overview of astronomy at different wavelengths and scales showing all the amazing things that astronomers can do by just observing light. The talk links with the GCSE syllabuses: the solar system, stellar lifecycles and cosmology and suggests how these can be taught. Robert will use Gaia as the starting point and look at how we understand the Earth using observations from space.

10.15am: Jeremy Douglas (Winchester College): ‘Wires and wireless : The Victorian Web

Before the internet there was the telegraph. Thousands of miles of cables linked business and government with far-flung outposts all over the world. The physics and technology of electromagnetism that made this-and the later development of radio-possible are one of the great scientific stories of the 19th century. With demonstrations and historical links, this talk reminds us that the technological cutting edge has been weaving its spell on the world for many years.

11.30: Becky Parker (Simon Langton Girls’ School): ‘Biojoyversity

Our pale blue dot: understanding our place in the universe, how we should be looking after our amazing planet and how satellites and Physics can help us. Our Biojoyversity initiative encourages students to engage with innovation to look after this planet called home, and offers guidance and strategies for applying Physics to caring for it.

There will be breaks of approximately15 minutes between the talks which will conclude by 12.45pm.

Please book your place here and more details will be sent nearer the time:

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Physics CPD session at Gaia

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